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The Klepper Gets a New Skin

Gena and Brad freezing cold after the Klepper's new skin takes its maiden voyage. During the voyage a spring downpour strikes and they are both soaked!

Ed checks out the new skin.

Off to the park to hose the boat off and pack it up.


Kerry Graduates

Finn thinks his dad's graduation finery is quite something. Congratulations Rhonda, Kerry and Finn for a PhD well done!

Whidbey Island Garden Tour

Judy & Kurt's Garden

Ed & Kurt


Kurt's great sculpture made out of garden pots

Another Kurt schulpture

This year was the 12th annual Whidbey Island Garden Tour. That means 12 years ago our Saratoga Garden was on the tour, and Fran was a founding garden tour board member. This year there were five gardens, but in my estimation, Judy and Kurt's garden was the highlight.