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Back home in my garden

This is the building that has dominated my life this past week.  An interesting turn of events Saturday morning, April 27 resulted in a quick visit to Whidbey General for emergency care.  The care was in the form of surgery, including a hysterectomy and removal of tumors on my colon.  The tumors were malignant but that bad news was followed with the good news that the cancer was Class 1, none of the 14 nodes were involved and there was no indication of escape.  After an eight day stay at the hospital, I'm home again, and what a glorious place home is!!

P.S.  Due to digestive tract adhesion, after spending three glosious days at home, I returned to the hospital for another 16 days.  More surgery!  I'm now home again recovering and loving my home and garden more than ever!

Whidbey General Hospital

This morning I wandered around the garden in pure heaven to be in this treasured place.  A garden and home for healing in amazingly beautiful 80 degree weather!

Tree Peony in full glorious bloom

Almost over but still beautiful, barberry in foreground with Eddy's White Wonder Dogwood behind it.

Solomo'n Seal

Pond with Camas Lily in bloom

Deciduous Azaleas at the base of the living room window