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A couple of days ago I heard from Brad and all was not well. When he left here he had a tooth ache and his back was hurting (both he planned on tending to in China).  Shortly after arrival in China he got food poisoning.   With his body hurting in three places, he was pretty much feeling rotten from head-to-toe and spent one day sleeping.

Now, all is much, much better.  Brad reports:

1) My food poisoning is over;

2) For my back I went to the most experienced practitioner I've ever visited.  I have a few vertebrae near my pelvis out of alignment and he did massage and stretching together.  Painful deep tissue massage that allowed my muscles to relax so he could stretch and align me. 

3) The dentist I saw was exceptional and nicer than any dentist office I've seen in the states.  State of the art equipment, clean, very qualified workers and excellent work.  Far better than the root canal I had done a few years back. 

Plus, the frosting on the cake, Brad's friend Yessi is taking great care of him and since she has a car Brad is getting to see Xiamen between appointments.  Xiamen is a very prosperous city.  The beaches, botanical gardens, waterfront promenades, university, Buddhist temples and parks are noteworthy. Travelers' Choice rated it one of the best 2012 destinations.   



Brad is still raising money for his Heart on the Trail fund raiser and collecting press as he proceeds.  See his latest news story on his 2012 adventures.

Brad drawing hearts

Meanwhile, on Whidbey Island

~ A Whidbey Island Thanksgiving ~
Happy Thanksgiving!

Prior to Brad's departure for China an early Thanksgiving with Joe, Nancy and Harrison (holding the camera)

Hiking Ebey's Landing onThanksgiving Day
Benton, Fran & Ed

Ebey's Landing, Thanksgiving Day
Fran, Benton & Ed

Lantau Island, China

Brad's e-mail this morning was very positive and he sounded excited. 

First, Hong Kong is amazing-I love it. 

Second, was on Landau Island today.  Ferry ride, tram, giant buddha and metro trains!  

Landau Island 
Landau Island Tram

Giant Buddha

Landau Island Fishing Village

Third, head for Xaimen tomorrow.

Fourth, dentist appointment Saturday.


Hong Kong's first morning view

Brad's arrival in Hong Kong was very late.  After customs and a one hour bus ride he was at his hotel at 2:00.

First Daylight View of Hong Kong from Hotel

Tokyo Lay Over

A quick e-mail from Brad early this morning.  He was in Tokyo.  He reports it is very expensive so he was quite pleased he'd taken lots of food with him.

Tokyo Airport.  McDonalds had the only line.

Equal to $20 US


To China, to China...

After a few days of wild packing and preparation, Brad is ready to depart from Whidbey Island for the Ferry to America.  In Mukilteo his good friend Debbie meets him to provide a ride to SeaTac, including a stop in Seattle to pick up his visa.  Brad's flight is to Hong Kong.  There he will be picked up by a friend he met in NZ, then travel on to Xiaman.  

Brad -- off to China

I know Brad reached the airport.  Note from Debbie:

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!  Got him safely to the aiarport at 10:30, after two
quick stops in Seattle -- visa pickup and REI for a solar charger.  He is excited and 
happy.  What a guy!

Now, for his long, long flight with a hurting tooth.  Safe travels, Dear Brad!


A Year Of Adventure

This year our son, Brad,  set out to fill it with adventure while he reevaluated his life and future.  First, as you know if you've been following this blog, he went to New Zealand to thru-hike the Te Araroa Trail.  He arrived in NZ mid November 2011 and finished the trail the end of April 2012.  He returned to the US early May and immediately began another thru-hike on the Pacific Crest Trail, after resting and resupplying in San Diego for a few days.  He departed from the Mexican border in May and finished in late October at the Canadian border.  All told he walked 4200 miles in eleven months.

But, the adventure is not over, nor is the year.  On Tuesday, November 20, Brad departs for China.  He will fly into Hong Kong, but travel almost immediately to Xiamen to spend time with a friend he met in NZ.  The trip will also include dental work, sight seeing and hiking.  He returns to the US Christmas day.

One of China's top 10 cities on urban development index. 
Hong Kong
Bird's eye view of one of the world's greatest cities.
Three of the hiking destinations capturing Brad's attention are the Yellow Mountains, Leaping Tiger Gorge and Annapurna Circuit.  Stay tuned for the new unfolding adventure...

Yellow Mountain near Huangshan 

Leaping Tiger Gorge near Lijiang

Annapurna Circuit in Nepal

Green shows 10 day hike from Hong Kong to Beijing.  But, the map also is a nice overview of China,