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To China, to China...

After a few days of wild packing and preparation, Brad is ready to depart from Whidbey Island for the Ferry to America.  In Mukilteo his good friend Debbie meets him to provide a ride to SeaTac, including a stop in Seattle to pick up his visa.  Brad's flight is to Hong Kong.  There he will be picked up by a friend he met in NZ, then travel on to Xiaman.  

Brad -- off to China

I know Brad reached the airport.  Note from Debbie:

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!  Got him safely to the aiarport at 10:30, after two
quick stops in Seattle -- visa pickup and REI for a solar charger.  He is excited and 
happy.  What a guy!

Now, for his long, long flight with a hurting tooth.  Safe travels, Dear Brad!

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