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A couple of days ago I heard from Brad and all was not well. When he left here he had a tooth ache and his back was hurting (both he planned on tending to in China).  Shortly after arrival in China he got food poisoning.   With his body hurting in three places, he was pretty much feeling rotten from head-to-toe and spent one day sleeping.

Now, all is much, much better.  Brad reports:

1) My food poisoning is over;

2) For my back I went to the most experienced practitioner I've ever visited.  I have a few vertebrae near my pelvis out of alignment and he did massage and stretching together.  Painful deep tissue massage that allowed my muscles to relax so he could stretch and align me. 

3) The dentist I saw was exceptional and nicer than any dentist office I've seen in the states.  State of the art equipment, clean, very qualified workers and excellent work.  Far better than the root canal I had done a few years back. 

Plus, the frosting on the cake, Brad's friend Yessi is taking great care of him and since she has a car Brad is getting to see Xiamen between appointments.  Xiamen is a very prosperous city.  The beaches, botanical gardens, waterfront promenades, university, Buddhist temples and parks are noteworthy. Travelers' Choice rated it one of the best 2012 destinations.   


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