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Happy Trails

Yessi arrived one week ago from China.  Today she and Brad depart for California.  They will quickly scoot down to California to meet friends of Brad in San Francisco.  From there they will be off the bike and into a car to continue south to the Pacific Crest Trail Kickoff.  After some PCT celebrating and hiking they will return to San Francisco, pick up the bike and proceed to Big Sur for a couple weeks of hiking.  Green Trails will be paying Brad to hike Big Sur to record trail miles and trail conditions for their maps.

Benton, Brad & Yessi onWhidbey Island 
Brad, Fran & Benton on Whidbey Island

Yessi, Benton and Brad all packed and just about ready to depart

Brad & Yessi driving away 4/24/13 @ noon


Working Vacation

Brad on the PCT
Brad hiked about 5,000 miles in 2012 completing three separate trails -- the Te Araroa in New Zealand, the Pacific Crest Trail in the United States and the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal.  And now, in April of 2013, he heads out again.  This first round of 2013 hikes will be in California where he will be hiking all the trails he can find in the Big Sur area.  He will be recording and mapping trail data for Green Trails so his hiking this summer will be a working vacation.   

Yessi getting outfitted for the Annapurna Circuit

Yessi arrives in Seattle from China on April 15 for a few days on Whidbey Island before she and Brad leave for California on the 23rd.   Once there they will meet a PCT friend of Brad's in the Bay area and proceed to the Pacific Crest Trail kickoff.   Hanging out there for a spell, including putting in a few miles on the PCT, Yessi and Brad will then head back north to Big Sur for a solid two weeks of hiking.  It was in New Zealand that Brad and Yessi first met.  

Later in the summer Brad and Yessi will again hit the trail for Green Trails, recording data for both the Olympic National Forest and Glacier Peak Wilderness.    Right now there is too much snow to even think about hikes in those areas.

Heart on the Trail will be in full heart-drawing operation again as Brad hikes and draws hearts to raise money for the Pacific Crest Trail Association and the American Heart Association.  


Fredley home on a foggy spring day.

Photo by Brad Hankins