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Christmas '06 At The Pass

Brad and Erin showing off their new hats, scarves
& Santa Claus jewels

Greg models new hat

Fran, Ed and Annie lovin' the snow

Brad and Annie

Deb and Ed work on paninis

Paula & Billy & Sali

Paula & Billy drop by to introduce
us to their new dog, Sally.


Brad's Delight!

The open roads of summer call, and the bike is up, running and ready for traveling adventures.


Oregon Sand Dunes

Ed & Annie

It doesn't matter how many times we travel to the Oregon Sand Dunes, they always delight us.
We walk, run and leap in this open space of grasses, water and sand. The wind blows! The roar of the ocean creates silence! It's magical in so many ways! This trip was in the winter of 2005.

Fran & Annie


The Dunes

Staying in touch

Our friends blogging activities allow us to vicariously enjoy their adventures. Finn, Kerry and Rhonda enjoy a winter vacation in Puerto Vallarta and I both envy them and salute their fun and sun-tanned healthy looks. Plus I was able to steal this picture from their blog.
Life in Santa Barbara is far from Whidbey yet we feel like we see Finn's growth and development first hand, in many respects, as the pictures and comments are posted regularly. Now if we could only blog with smell and sound and a real hug or two. Rhonda, the power behind our home construction blog reports that she enjoys our blogs in the same way:
I feel like I know what is going on in your life because I read your blog regularly instead of calling you on the phone and chatting...kinda weird, I didn't think I was embracing computer communication that much!!! Apparently I am. Wow. It is fun to see the progress of your building project, what a ton of work and thoughtful thinking that goes on with every step. LOVE the carriage doors, too cool. I checked out your new blog and noticed that you changed the format on your old blog, looks like you have found a new passion. Keep it coming.

The "new passion" comment hits home. I now have three blogs: one is Whidbey Life, another our construction project, and a third is Tahoma One Drop Zen Monastery. No wonder my days are too short!


A winter's day ride

Fran & Ed grab a wet-winter-day ride

Bike it Up for Step it Up

Erin & Brad Bike it Up for Step it Up Langley, WA

Brad can't keep his feet on the ground...




Sweet Saratoga

The wedding arbor

An invitation to pause

Another invitation to pause

The front entry

The back deck & arbor

This Saratoga cottage was our home for 16 years. Each inch reworked -- inside and out -- with energy and passion. As I look at these pictures I see not only the thing itself, but the circumstances surrounding it. The window seat, for example, where the final details were being completed as the guests for our party were walking in the door. Rhonda, Brad, Ed, Fran, others probably too but their identities have been lost in time, running around sweeping, picking up nails, dusting and trying to convert the construction site into a proper party place. The stones at the front entry being lifted and scooted and pushed and pulled by Brad and Tristan to nudge them into just the right place. The wedding arbor so beautifully built by Brad and Tristan for Rhonda and Kerry's wedding. The many-colored chairs where we gathered so often to enjoy the garden and one another. The remodeling of this home was our "educate Brad" plan. He worked during holidays and summers to remodel it, giving him the money for his education. It's fun to see the changes from one project-to-another in his design and building skills as he advanced through his architecture schooling and garnered more building experience.



Rhonda & Kerry's son, Finn, delights us all.

WSU Graduation

Brad & John

Chilly Hilly '07

Brad, Erin, Fran & Ed on the Bainbridge ferry

The biking crowd on the ferry

Fran & Brad

Erin waiting to board the ferry. One of about 3,000, or so, other riders

It's Mr. Ed...

The Saratoga Garden Hosts a Wedding

Rhonda, the beautiful bride, comes down the garden aisle

Rhonda & Kerry say their vows under the wedding arbor

Rhonda & Kerry share a moment of quiet

Lovin' those Tandems

One of our favorite rides is to Maxwelton Beach. On this cloudy and rainy day, we rode with Mary and Dean, fellow tandem riders. Round trip, Langley to Maxwelton Beach is a little over 16 miles, so it's a keep-fit ride we do several times a week.


Snow Days

Fran & Brad and the lady-of-the-snow.

Some of the snow woman builders hamming it up in front of the Island Coffee House.

Saratoga's beautiful kitchen

When we purchased our new home on Saratoga Avenue it had good bones, but was ugly from tip to toe. Room by room we remodeled, with Brad doing the design and building. Although he was in school he squeezed in the design and construction on summer breaks.

The high ceiling, and open design, made for a dramatic look.

First we bought the damaged door, and then we worked it into the design. The door is on the pantry and was a terrific addition to the kitchen in both function and aesthetics.