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Brief but great...

visit with Rhonda, Kerry & Finn.


Coffee Break

Brad at Useless Bay Coffee House.


Beautiful NW Rain

Rhonda, Kerry and Finn have moved back to the NW -- Portland, OR. Here Finn enjoys puddles and fall leaves.


Saratoga Memories

Fran's Office

Ed's Office

One of the garden's gathering spots

The Floozy strutting her stuff.


Soup Box Derby '07

Langley has had a Soup Box Derby for years. It began 30 years or so ago, sponsored by the Soup Kitchen. Then for a number of years it wasn't allowed for liability reasons, etc., and now, for the past few years its back. A fun town event!

Gary Piper and his outhouse entry. When he rolls down the hill the outhouse swerves back and forth looking like it will dump Gary at any moment.

Some fancy derby entries and costumes

The finish line, with one crash this year when braking caused a swerve and wreck

Ed in his chubby checker jacket. Brad says when Ed gets his winter weight gain the jacket will be the indicator.


Saratoga Woods Preserve

A few years ago these power women worked to save 118 acres of land by fighting off developers (twice), stopping logging, and then raising $750,000 in six months to purchase the land. It is now a wonderful Island County park! This photo was taken as a tribute to Phil Pearl who negotiated the deal with the sellers and the Whidbey Camano Land Trust. Phil is leaving Whidbey to accept a position as Deputy Director of the Grand Canyon Trust in Arizona.

Klepper Vacation July 2007

Brad and Erin travel to Tofino, Vancouver Island, B.C. to kayak and sail on the waters off the island -- both inland and open sea.


Rhonda Graduates from Western

Brad's College & Graduate School Days

North Whidbey Ride

Chilly Hilly '06

Brad and Erin on one tandem; Fran and Ed on another. Brad and Erin ride like the wind, finishing in no time at all. Then, to make it even more uneven, our chain broke 6 miles from the finish and we needed to hitch a ride, not having a spare chain or chain links to fix it.


Deception Pass

Deception Pass is an amazingly special place! The beauty is stunning. The park was a CCC project where the CCC crews constructed buildings and charming bridges of old growth wood. Where they carved narrow trails along the bluffs and created amazing stone structures from highway guard rails to stone steps. Whenever I come across old CCC park projects, like this one, I examine the old photographs for my father's face. I know from childhood stories that he was a CCC worker but I don't know exactly where he worked. He definitely loved Washington and Oregon so I assume that's where he was located. Unfortunately that history has been lost in time. My Dad has been deceased for 35 years now.

The following pictures need no caption, standing alone in their beauty.

Deception Pass Bridge

A few years ago, Brad and I took a mini kayak paddle in the Deception Pass area, camping on Porcupine Island one night. We put in on the west side of Deception Pass and headed for Porcupine Island, east of the bridge. Unwittingly, we entered the channel on a flood tide. Moving at a rapid rate, we were carried to our destination in short order. I always kiddingly refer to this trip as the time Brad tried to collect his inheritance. Not only did we paddle crazy, wild water but during the night on Porcupine Island, the wind came up making it impossible for us to leave the island for several hours the next day. On top of that, as we were filling the time waiting for the weather to calm, Brad was swinging on a branch when it broke off, hitting me. I was totally unwilling to go back through Deception Pass at that point, forcing Brad to hitchhike to our car to pick me, and our boats up on the east side. How's that for chicken? Our camping neighbors on Porcupine Island had their tent blow down during the night leaving them sitting on the beach with no shelter and no way to depart. Their canoe was definitely not up to the wind, waves and tides until the weather settled down again.

Actually despite the accumulation of attacks on my life, I fondly remember the trip and yearn to return.

These pictures of Deception Pass Bridge were taken by Ed on a hiking trip we enjoyed a year or two after the kayak trip.


Our Town, Langley 3

The Dog House Tavern

The Inn at Langley

Giraffe Project

Langley Village

Langley Village

Moonraker Books on the Alley

Roses on the Alley

Lowry James Gallery

Town Theater, The Clyde

Our Town, Langley 2

Sea Wall Park

First Street


First Street

First Street

Stairs to Sea Wall Park

Alley from First to Second Streets

Langley Park