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Sweet Saratoga

The wedding arbor

An invitation to pause

Another invitation to pause

The front entry

The back deck & arbor

This Saratoga cottage was our home for 16 years. Each inch reworked -- inside and out -- with energy and passion. As I look at these pictures I see not only the thing itself, but the circumstances surrounding it. The window seat, for example, where the final details were being completed as the guests for our party were walking in the door. Rhonda, Brad, Ed, Fran, others probably too but their identities have been lost in time, running around sweeping, picking up nails, dusting and trying to convert the construction site into a proper party place. The stones at the front entry being lifted and scooted and pushed and pulled by Brad and Tristan to nudge them into just the right place. The wedding arbor so beautifully built by Brad and Tristan for Rhonda and Kerry's wedding. The many-colored chairs where we gathered so often to enjoy the garden and one another. The remodeling of this home was our "educate Brad" plan. He worked during holidays and summers to remodel it, giving him the money for his education. It's fun to see the changes from one project-to-another in his design and building skills as he advanced through his architecture schooling and garnered more building experience.

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