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Chilly Hilly '07

Brad, Erin, Ed & Fran do Chilly Hilly 2007 -- in the rain.

I forgot to include pictures of our Chilly Hilly bike adventure in the previous submittal. We must take breaks from "the house" and biking is a big one...
The masses of bikes on the ferry are always an awesome sight. Unfortunately photos never do them justice, but we keep trying.
The challenge will be getting our 100+ weekly miles in this summer, and work on our building project as well. I have a feeling the crew boss is going to be hammering us for more and more work. Of course, he'll be right if we intend to stick to our tight budget.
I'm hoping to learn electrical and Ed plumbing with Brad directing the overall operation. We'll all be busy switching hats and helmets -- parent hat, kid hat, crew boss hat, hard hat, exercise helmet, buddy hat, designer hat, play hat, work hat -- to keep one another in the proper place at the proper time on the proper task.

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