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Off to Nepal

Brad has been having a good time in China.  He's been visiting with Yessi's family and friends, sightseeing, getting his teeth fixed, experiencing actupuncture, and even interviewing with a Xiamen architectural firm.  Lots of pictures and more details posted on dbbrad.

But, two days ago, he and Yessi began another adventure.  They are taking first a train...

Hopefully it won't be this crowded.

Then the bullet train...

High speed rail in China.  124 mph, or more

To get back to Hong Kong from Xiamen.  From Hong Kong they will catch a flight on Jet Airways to Kathmandu.

Jet Airways

The flight from Hong Kong to Kathmandu is 8 hours.  When he and Yessi arrive they will get permits and supplies, and hopefully have some time for sightseeing.


Then, off they go to begin their adventure on the Annapurna Circuit.

This spectacular trekking route makes the trek a once in a lifetime experience. 

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