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Tramping, Hiking, Trekking - 2012!

5000 miles in one year!  How can that be?  A year of hiking in the US, trekking in Nepal and tramping in New Zealand concludes the year with 5,000 miles.   An adventure both for Brad in-the-doing and his vicariously-traveling-by-his-side, mom.  

Christmas day we drove to SeaTac Airport to pick up our traveling guy of many names.  As there are different names for hiking in different parts of the country, Brad had different names as well.  Here at home he is Brad.  On the TeAraroa Trail in NZ he was db.  On the Pacific Crest Trail in the US he was Freestyle.  In China and Nepal he was dbBrad.

From SeaTac we drove to Seattle and enjoyed Christmas breakfast at the Sorrento Hotel's Hunt Club.   We then returned to Whidbey Island for our small family gift exchange and a lovely dinner.  A very calm, quiet and delightful Christmas Day!  Not to mention a massive jet lag and missing Yessi day for Brad.

dbbrad, Nepal

Now, for Brad, there have been three weeks of settling in and getting used to being off the trail.  A letdown, of huge proportion, along with the stiff reality of what's next in his life.  For now, a small cabin in the woods for writing, photo sorting, job application completion, resting, recovery, and planning life's next adventure.

For me, what will I blog about?  Brad's travels have dominated this blog for the past year and now I suddenly feel topic-less.  New subjects will unfold, of course, but I have had a steady stream of new photographs along with wild and crazy adventures; changing friends and places; wild weather and high elevations to keep the blog flowing, almost without effort.

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