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Whidbey's "wow" factor!

When Brad and Yessi were planning for the visit of seven TuTwo company officials, they placed Whidbey Island on the itinerary.  Why?  Well, start with the famed ferry ride, then the extraordinary water views and not-to-be-beat momentous mountain views.  Top it off with the charming town of Langley, friendly people and striking architecture by dbBrad, and you've got a tour winner.

And, this is why Ed and I enjoyed the honor of the TuTwo visitors at our home.

Gathering on the lawn  at Fredley home on Whidbey Island.

Ed and I displaying our beautiful new fans-from-China on the Fredley home porch.

Showing off our town is always fun and always a hit.  This was no exception.  Pointing out creative gardens and  introducing visitors to charming people is always pleasing.  Strolling on this not-sunny but not-raining afternoon,  was exceedingly pleasant for visitors and tour guides as well.  Thank you Langley!  Thank you TuTwo!
Visiting the Langley City Hall's edible garden 

Langley Marina generated many questions and much enthusiasm

Because TuTwo is an outdoor company, Wander on Whidbey was very high on Brad and Yessi's list of shops to visit.  Naturally, Sarah never disappoints!

One of TuTwo's favorite shops -- Wander on Whidbey with Sarah, Brad and Yessi

The Langley Second Street Market was a popular stop for shopping with cucumbers and
blueberries being the favorites.

Good Cheer was a winner too! with Fran, Yessi, Brad and Ed

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