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Aqua Dulce

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Aqua Dulce

Yesterday Brad had arrived at Aqua Dulce and had checked into Hiker Heaven.  Today he was thinking he might catch a ride by train, bus or car to a larger city to replace his damaged stove pot and to replace his disintegrating shirt.   I'm thinking I might get an update later today or, perhaps, he's already back on the trail.

The past two days he hiked 19 and 21 miles respectively, following 26.5 and 20 mile days.  I guess a bit of a rest is in order, so even a long bus ride might sound good pretty good to him.

Aqua Dulce is the end of Section D on the PCT and the beginning of Section E.  If I've got my facts straight, once he crosses Highway 58, Tehachapi Pass, he'll be into the Central California PCT, reputed to be the most beautiful part of the California PCT Trail and includes Sequoia National Forest.  

Since Sunday, a wildfire has raged over 1,700 acres in the Sequoia National Forest, forcing evacuation of hikers and campers along Lloyd Meadow Road, which provides access to Golden Trout Wilderness.  The PCT passes to the east of the Golden Trout Wilderness area.   Brad still has 110 miles to Highway 58, and then another 50 miles before he's in the area of the wildfire's present location.   Hopefully it will be contained before he gets much closer.

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