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A Big Scare!

Last Sunday we walked at Greenbank Farm with one playful, frisky, healthy 15 month-old puppy.  This Sunday he's recovering from some horrible, painful, and swollen infection on his neck.  The two most wonderful words we've heard all week are "non-malignant", but the ongoing concern of where did this infection come from and will it return still haunt us.

In the meantime, Benton sleeps a lot as a result of the infection, surgery and painkillers.  But happily he's chasing rabbits, crows and having a great time trying to catch fish in our pond between naps.  The puppy factor is so strong, even as sick as he is, it sneaks out and delights us.

Sir Benton Cowboy
The cutest aussie ever!

Ed and Benton at Greenbank Farm
Benton & Fran at Greenbank Farm

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