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Celebrating Brad!

Camping marks a huge percentage of Brad's birthdays.  For 45 years of Brad-B-Day celebrations we usually find ourselves at some camp spot.  This year, with Brad and Yessi needing to hike trails in the Olympics for Green Trails Maps, that's where we headed for two days of restful car camping before they took off again for higher GPS trail mapping backcountry adventures.

This outing was the first "major" diversion from my surgery recovery.  Tent sleeping was a bit more difficult than usual and my diet took some interesting turns but that's what diversion is all about, isn't it?
We had a wonderful time, even though I couldn't hike and felt like I was a bit of a drag on the activities.     

Last year in July Ed and I were meeting Brad at high passes in California where the PCT crosses the road.   Finding ourselves at Lake Tahoe on July 13, we enjoyed a wonderful sushi dinner, for his birthday, giving him a great break from trail food.  

Ed, Benton, Brad & Yessi at Hamma Hamma Campground

Benton, Fran, Brad & Yessi gathered around the fire pit.

Benton Ed, Brad & Fran in camp

The tradition continues -- German Chocolate Cake!

The sun coming up at Hamma Hamma to start another beautiful sunny, warm day.

Yessi with flower in her hair.

Yessi, Brad & Ed 

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