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The Olympic Mountains

For Brad  the Cascades in Washington always topped his favorites list, but he had not yet done much hiking in the Olympics.   He's one smitten guy.  A week (July 5 - July 10, 2013) of beautiful company, beautiful weather,  beautiful wildflowers, beautiful lakes & streams, and beautiful meadows makes for one pleased hiker.  It's strange that the Olympics have remained so unexplored because we see them from Whidbey Island and have said for years, "We must hike and camp the Olympics."  But, with a crowded and irregular ferry to get there it's always been easier to go east to the Cascades.  Still a ferry away but the Mukilteo-Clinton ferry runs often (every 1/2 hour) so it doesn't seem to be such a barrier.

Camp site view

Yessi & Brad with the beautiful Olympic Mountains in the background

Yessi & Brad with Fawn Lilies and snow covered peaks

Constance Lake


Brad in a bed of Fawn Lilies

The human sign post

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