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Following Brad Hut by Hut.

Today Brad began the Pelorus River Track, a track rich in huts. Perhaps this section of the Te Araroa Trail could be called huting rather than tramping. My puzzle: how far will Brad get, or which hut will he spend the night in?

The Captain Creek Hut, approximately 8.5 km (4 hours):

The Middy Hut, another 5 km (2 hours):

The Roebuck Hut, another 7.5 km (4 hours):

Or, the Browning Hut, another 9 km (4.5 hours):

I'm betting on the Roebuck Hut, unless it started raining again and crossings became a problem. He could also get really ambitious and stop at the Browning Hut. Or, he could pitch his tent and not stay in any of the huts. So, once again, he's hiked one day and I have no idea where he is. It's fun to see the hut options though.

An interesting tidbit, New Zealand's Department of Conservation manages over 950 huts of all shapes and sizes, from one end of New Zealand to the other.

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