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Te Araroa Freestyle

After Brad's posting wherein he states he's now doing the Te Araroa Freestyle, I decided to Google Te Araroa Freestyle and I came up with:
For today, the first four out of six Goggle entries are owned by Brad's Te Araroa adventure. Freestyle sports are defined as adrenaline sports. That's not what Brad had in mind when he used "Freestyle", but instead was referring to flexibility, straying from the intended path, or creatively discovering a modified route. Nevertheless, I can't be absolutely sure because Brad does enjoy an adrenaline rush. So I can only hope Brad's idea of Te Araroa Freestyle didn't mean this:

Photo by Klettern

Or this:

Or this:

"With the first step, the number of shapes the walk might take is infinite, but then the walk begins to define itself as it goes along, though freedom remains total with each step: any tempting side road can be turned into an impulse, or any wild patch of woods can be explored. The pattern of the walk is to come true, is to be recognized, discovered."

- A.R. Ammons,
A Poem is a Walk

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