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Havelock and heading for wilderness

Just before Welllington, Brad reported he was "tired", as you can see from the photo below. So, he took several days for rest and resupply in Wellington, and then a couple more days of rest in Picton. Slowing down has allowed him to rest, let his knee heal, visit with friends, shop and tend to e-mail and blogging. But now, with his injured knee rested and healed, he's about ready to put his head down and cover some miles.

Brad is tired

Brad's update this morning (February 21) is that he's in Havelock, a coastal town on Pelorus Sound on the South Island. While there he is purchasing and packing food for the next nine days. Tomorrow (or even later today if it stops raining), he will hitch out of Havelock before beginning a several day tramp following the Pelorus River, along the Pelorus River Track. Upon leaving the river he will head into the mountains. First town off that track will be St. Arnald, gateway to Nelson Lakes National Park. At St. Arnaud he will resupply for six more days of tramping which will last him to his food drop. He supplied this food drop by mail from Wellington. This drop will last him for another six days. It looks like he could be out of touch for 20+ days. Brad will be tramping in some remote and difficult terrain. With luck he will catch Ludo and Flore who are now about four days ahead of him.

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