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Home for a spell...

Between trips, Brad and Yessi spend time on Whidbey Island. They have a little cottage where they're creating a garden and home plus they play on a huge rope swing with happy delight.  Yessi took her turn at experiencing a riding mower for the first time.   Brad delights in exposing her to new adventures, both on the trail and on the domestic scene, as I'm sure she did when Brad was in China.

A lovely dinner at the cottage

Brad on the rope swing

Yessi on the mower

Brad did some bird block work on our buildings.  The determined birds looking for good nesting spots had actually pecked away the metal mesh covering the ventilation holes to give them access to our buildings.  Each night was full of fluttering and chirping birds, leaving us uneasy about the state of our insulation.  As Brad climbed around on ladders, Yessi crawled around on her knees helping me achieve a weedless garden again.  Almost an entire month of neglect due to my hospital stay and the garden was a mess.  In April I thought I had every weed under control and all pruning up to date.  At the end of May control was not at all part of the picture.  A month of a little rain and a little sun resulted in lots of weeds growing, shrubs growing and trees growing.  I was welcomed home to an enthusiastic jungle.  It was almost impossible for me to enjoy my cup n' pup for the neglect I saw.     Thank you Brad, Yessi, Ed and a few dear friends who helped me get my garden back into presentable shape.

Soon this adventuresome twosome will depart again.  But, for now it is wonderful to have them around helping out with chores.  

Brad working on bird blocks

Yessi watering the vegetable garden

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