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More Beautiful California Coast

Having been born and raised in California I have a tender spot in my heart for my home state.  There are still so many parts of California that are remote and wild and beautiful.  And, who can argue with the weather?  It's nice to see my son, Brad, get to know and love my home state, although we both are deep to the roots Evergreen State enthusiasts.

Hiking Big Sur certainly gave both Yessi and Brad a feel for California's central coastal landscape, both beautiful and brutal.   Brad has always expressed a huge preference for liking to be up high, and the PCT was too perfect.  Following the crest provided drop-dead stunning views  The lower elevation hiking, despite the ocean hanging out there, just couldn't compete.

As Brad tramped the wild coasts of California with Yessi, I did 24 days in Whidbey General Hospital.  I think he and Yessi had more fun!

Brad surveying the trail.  Brush made it brutal.

Yessi stopping for a break.

Brad and Yessi surveying the foliage, or is it looking for the trail?

Tawny grass and rock outcroppings complete the beauty of this scene

Wild and rugged

Yessi, Brad, Yucca, rock outcropping, and the Pacific Ocean all on a clear blue day.
 What's not to love?

Beautiful sky

Yessi and dbBrad -- so cute!

Yessi setting up camp.

Yessi searching for the trail

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