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Holed up Healing

Brad has been in Palmerston North for the past few days. He was able to see an emergency room doctor and the two of them determined, by manipulating his knee, that there were no torn tendons or broken bones so no need for surgical repair. Having his mind put to ease with the need for just rest, rest and more rest, he perked right up about his trekking future. Once the swelling goes down and the pain recedes he'll be able to get back on the Te Araroa Trail. Tomorrow, he's thinking, will be the day he starts walking again but with short, easy days at first. Perhaps throwing in some hitching to avoid over using it.

In the mean time, Brad has been hanging out at the Polytechnic Institute. He's been meeting instructors, touring the campus, helping out with a green building project, using the computer in the faculty room, feeding his teaching dreams, and generally enjoying academia and the ideas, computers, people and projects that go along with it, not to mention the fabulous campus architecture.

Polytechnic Institute

From Palmerston North it is 145 km by road to Wellington, although probably much further by trail. With Wellington in his sights, he is closing in on finishing the North Island of the Te Araroa Trail. Wellington is the southern most city on the Northern Island. From Wellington he will need to ferry to the South Island. There the trail picks up again
in Picton, located
at the head of the Marlborough Sounds

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