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Slow and Steady

Two days ago Brad left Palmerston North with two friends, Ludo and Flore, at a slowed down pace of about 22 k each day. With Brad's sore and swollen knee and Ludo and Flore's very heavy packs they were traveling at a compatible pace for tracking together. A quick e-mail home from a library, approximately 30 miles south of Palmerton North, let me know the injured Brad was doing well (even if living on Tylenol and Ibuprofen to keep the swelling down) and is enjoying good tracking companions. Today the three of them head back out into the bush for six days of hiking before reaching another town for communicating home.

Another doctor was visited after Brad's two days of hiking to check his knee again. It was determined, as with the first doctor's visit, that there were no pulled, ripped or broken parts, just a very bad sprain. So, he pushes on, hopefully without doing permanent damage to his knee.

I'm pleased, especially given Brad's injury, that he has companions to trek with.

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