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Not the NW natives I know!

Ok, I admit, this posting is only for plants people. But, look at this sampling of flora! Wow! Just one more reason to get on the plane and head for New Zealand. Fabulous unexplored flora for us Pacific Northwest folks.

Urtica ferox (Tree Nettle)

Alectryon excelsus (Fruit of Titoki)

Metrosideros umbellta (Southern Rata)

Metrosideros robusta (Northern Rata)

Myroporum laetum (Ngaio) - flower

Rhapalostylis sapida (only palm tree endemic to NZ)

Hoheria populnea (Lacebark)

Pseufowintera colorata

Kohekohe flowers. Produced directly from the tree's trunk or branches.

Dysoxylum spectabile (Kohekohe)

Karaka Tree

Hebe (a familiar plant - finally)

Fuchsia excorticata

Dracophyllum traversii (Mountain Neinei)

Cordyline australis (Cabbage Tree)

Dodanaea viscosa (Aleake)

Prumnopitys ferruginea (Miro)

Aristotelia aserrate


Beilschmiedia tawa

Moss (NZ has 523 speciess of moss)




Tecomanthe speciosa

Pingao (Golden Sand Sage)

Ranunculus lyallii (Mt. Cook Lily)

Mistletoe in winter

Bush Lawyer Plant

Tecomanthe speciosa


Blechnum discolor

Podocarpus cunninghamii

Black Tree Fern

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