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Metaphoric Comfort!

I woke up early this morning with Brad's accident, and the update of his accident we received via e-mail yesterday, on my mind. I couldn't sleep for thinking of ways to send him comfort, metaphorically, that is.

His knee is swollen and he can't walk so he's been staying at a hostel hoping for it to improve. It hasn't. He is, naturally, distressed about being injured and bummed about not being on the trail. Today he will be seeing a doctor and finding out what the prognosis is for his knee and his prospects for finishing the Te Araroa trail. Will it be possible or is his knee too damaged to continue his trek? Will he be able to switch to a bicycle? Lots of questions. Right now, no answers.

So back to metaphoric comfort and a mom's need to care for her far, far away son. Here are some images for symbolizing my ideas of loving and caring for Brad.

When Brad's here, I often make him hot cocoa or coffee to cheer him up or warm him up when he's needing comfort. Here is my thermos of hot cocoa to cure his blues and help heal the knee:

A warm blanket symbolizes warmth and comfort and "tucking in" has always been an important ritual in our home. Here's my blanket image to tuck Brad in and to provide to him warmth and comfort:

Or perhaps, it's an image of the home and garden he helped us create that will cheer him up. Here's our home for its symbol of warmth and beauty and love and family and a warm meal and a couch with a view:

And, of course, one always thinks of mom as a symbol of love, so I am sending all the good thoughts for a rapid recovery I can muster, wrapped in a million hugs:

But what could cure better than a sweet, warm puppy? Sir Benton Cowboy is just the hit Brad really needs to cheer him up and lend him warmth and love and a world class cuddle:

Heal quickly dear Brad.

Kisses from Mom
Hugs from Ed
Tugs from Benton

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