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Brad is Home!

Freestyle, a seasoned thru-hiker
Well, he's home, but not on Whidbey Island and I haven't seen him yet, but three days ago he met his dad at Snoqualmie Pass and spent the night in North Bend.  That's home!  He's now hiking with Barry, his dad, from Snoqualmie to Stevens Pass.  Then he's off to Stehekin, Rainy Pass, Hart's Pass and onto the Canadian border and the finish of the PCT, 2012.

Brad hiked from  Rainy Pass to Snoqualmie Pass in 2011,  going south, so he's reversing his steps of a year ago.  At that time he was doing 10 to 15 miles each day and was carrying a very heavy pack.  He's lightened his pack and quickened his pace, regularly putting in 20 to 25 mile days.   It was on the PCT last year where he started noticing thru-hikers and got his curiosity and interest levels elevated.  Not long after that, he took off for NZ for his first thru-hike.

On the PCT it's now count down time!  This will be the second thru-hike Brad will have completed in 2012.  First he finished the Te Araroa Trail in New Zealand and now the Pacific Crest Trail on the west coast of the USA.  Yep, I'm a proud mom!

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