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Washington Tripping

As Brad's PCT adventure continues, and he arrives at Cascade Locks, OR, Ed and I take off for a vacation far, far away on Central Whidbey.  We'd intended to stay at Keystone, but even in the middle of the week it was full.  Most likely the delightfully sunny weather had something to do with it, but also the Pt. Townsend Wooden Boat Festival no doubt played a role.

Instead of the lovely, edge of the water, state camp at Keystone we instead stayed at the County's beautiful Rhododendron Park.  A lovely little park of 12 sites situated in the woods and surrounded by wild Rhododenrons.

On Thursday we walked on the beach at Ebey's Landing with Benton Pup, tossing stick after stick for his delightful play.   Friday we spent the day in Pt. Townsend, mostly hanging out with our dear friend, Jeff.  


On Saturday we had one terrific 18 mile bike ride, including a stop at the Coupeville Farmer's Market but ending with concern for the mechanics of our bike.  Then, Sunday morning we abruptly ended our ride after it began with the  gears slipping, squelching our hope that an over night rest would fix the problem.   When we returned to Langley, the rain was just beginning but during the night we ended up having a nice soaker.  The garden is sighing with relief, after a long streak of no rain the entire month of August, and the first week of September.

Rhododendron County Campground

As we relaxed and enjoyed our island, Brad arrived at Cascade Locks to rest and resupply.  He was planning on leaving Sunday, Day 127 of his PCT adventure, crossing over the Bridge of the Gods to enter his home state, Washington.  He too probably had rain this past weekend.   Update:  Because of rain, cold, sore feet, aching back and a general state of being too tired, too wet, and too sore to move, Brad stayed at Cascade Locks through today, Monday.

The PCT adventure is two states down, one to go, with much of the Washington section of the PCT hiked last summer.  The southern part and the far northern part will be entirely new territory, however.  Brad is homeward bound after almost a year of hiking both NZ and the US West Coast.  A recent local news article about Brad and Heart on the Trail can be viewed here

Bridge of the Gods

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