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Only two Sections of the PCT Remaining.

Section K of the PCT is considered tough but rewarding!  Brad left Stevens yesterday for his Section K experience.  He hiked this section in 2011, going in the opposite direction, but part of the trail at that time was closed due to a wash out.  The best views of Glacier Peak were not visible last year due to the detour.  Let's hope Brad gets his Glacier Peak hit this year and that the "wild, rugged and stunning"  Glacier Peak Wilderness does not disappoint.

Glacier Peak Wilderness

Section L is the last section of the PCT, ending in Manning Park, B.C.  This is a short section of only 70 miles but should be spectacular with fall colors, jagged peaks and fabulous views of the Pasaysten Wilderness.  Much of this section if protected from rain, so can be dry and without water supplies, except at Hart's Pass.

Pasaysten Wilderness

I can't believe this year of Brad's hiking adventure is almost over.  He has thoroughly enjoyed his trip and so have I, as I've followed along.   Also, helping Brad with his Heart on the Trail fund raising project has been challenging and rewarding.   We're still hoping for donations -- please -- so he can finish up his PCT adventure with huge donations to both the Pacific Crest Trail Association and the American Heart Association.  Get Your Heart on the Trail!

Brad explains  why he's raising money for Heart on the Trail

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