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Chinook Pass

Brad was picked up and delivered back to Chinook by his friend Debbie, who lives in Auburn, WA. He was delighted to see her and spend time with her family, not to mention a hot shower,  "real" food and a soft bed!  Debbie sent these pictures, along with a note that warmed my heart:
My family and I had a wonderful time hosting Brad for a night. He spent time talking/connecting with each of my kids and husband. What a great son you have! He was so glad to have his warm shirt back!
The warm shirt Debbie is referring to is one Brad purchased from Wander on Whidbey before he departed for New Zealand.  After hiking the Te Araroa Trail for five months, it was getting a little worn around the edges.  I did a patch job and sent it to Debbie, for Brad to pick up.  It's an Ibex (I think) wool, warm, hooded jacket/shirt that works well for keeping him warm during the day and keeping the drafts off his neck at night.  The weather is good, so far, in Washington but the nights are cold!

Freestyle at Chinook Pass

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