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Desolation Wilderness

Desolation Wilderness is one of the few solo hiking adventures my Dad was able to do in his life time.  Family, work, no equipment, little time, never enough money, too many home-building projects, and on and on managed to get in the way of many of his dreams.  But, Desolation Wilderness was not one dream neglected.  He managed a ten day solo adventure in Desolation Wilderness and came away like a kid, grinning after the merry-go-round ride, happy as a lark.  Brad and Benton took off from Echo Lake, with that story freshly told, and with a wish that they walk hand-and-hand and paw-in-paw with grampa.   

Our next trail meet up is Donner Pass.  We will be staying at State Camp Grounds in both Tahoe City and  Donner Pass as we wait for Benton and Freestyle to emerge from the wilderness.

Benton entering Desolation Wilderness

Sir Benton Cowboy, the cutest aussie ever! 
Brad (aka Freestyle)

Freestyle & Benton


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