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More Angel Action at Sonora Pass

This day thru-hikers really, really enjoyed magic on the trail.  The biggest angel of all is Pinky -- clearly the blue ribbon winner!  Pinky caters weddings down Napa Valley way so she's an expert, and on the day she was an angel at Sonora Pass, it was clear an expert was in charge.  Pinky hiked the PCT last year - this year she wanted to give back some of the magic she'd received.  So, early in the morning, she arrived with bins and bins of food.  The feast began with scrambled eggs, bacon, pastries, fruit and coffee.  It continued into late morning with cheese and wine.  Not yet finished, she followed that with barbecued hamburgers and hotdogs on the grill.  All day thru-hikers were fed in style by Pinky.   

Ed and I had decided to be angels at Sonora Passs that day too so we just tossed goodies into the mix, and went for a hike.

Pinky, Angel Extraordinaire!

Tangent & Holstein 

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