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Trail Angel Sleeping Bare

Sleeping Bear, waiting for his thru-hiker son, was providing cold drinks, chips and dip for the hikers passing through Sonora Pass.  He was there for about four or five days with his RV parked on the east side of the pass.  He was spending about 4 or 5 hours each day at the pass, reading, waiting, welcoming, serving and enjoying visits with passing hikers.  Ed and I added our angel contributions to the "tree" and hung out for a spell too.  We also walked south on the trail to experience a bit of the PCT at Sonora Pass.  I tried to get all the names of the hikers, but both my memory and notes failed me on occasion.

Ed, Twisted, Creep

Don, Sleeping Bare the Angel, ?


Group of PCT hikers gathered around Angel Sleeping Bare

Mad Dog Murphy



Nu (from a town near Tokyo and spoke very little English)


Sonora Pass PCT Thru-Hikers at Angel Stop enjoying
Trail Magic

Karen (Jaw Bone's mother)

Tickled Pink



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