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Sixth Stop - Echo Pass

Although Echo Pass was our scheduled meeting place, it was changed to Echo Lake Resort.  Slightly further for Brad to hike, but beer, ice cream, friends, and a nice resting place for him to wait for us.  We also dropped Brad back off at Echo Lake for his next PCT leg, Desolation Wilderness, which he hiked with Benton.

At Echo Pass we left our ice chest chuck full of cold drinks, candy and fruit both when we picked Brad up and again when we dropped him off again.  Both times, although we weren't there to enjoy the angel experience, the ice chest was ravished by grateful hikers.  Nice thank you notes were left plus on future encounters thanks were expressed.

Echo Pass Trail Marker

Fran hiking the PCT at Echo Pass, CA
PCT at Echo Pass

Ed and Benton at our angel stash
Echo Lake

Echo Lake

Echo Pass

Itchy & Scratchy

Echo Lake gathering of thru-hikers

The thru-hiker gang resting and eating at Echo Lake

After picking up Brad, we returned to South Tahoe and our camp ground.  We'd arrived at Lake Tahoe a couple days before Brad got to Echo Lake so set up camp in the only camp we could find, a private campground, our least favorite on the entire trip, but served our purposes well.  They provided laundry facilities, showers and WiFi and we needed them all, especially Brad who was planning on a few zero days to work on Heart on the Trail and catch up on other computer tasks.

We also were near South Tahoe for more WiFi at the library, McDonald's and Starbucks.  That's where the days were spent -- noses in computers and books.  Unfortunately, beautiful Lake Tahoe was sadly neglected as computer work was madly attacked.

We celebrated Brad's birthday at Tahoe with a wonderful sushi dinner at Samurai (highly recommended).

Happy Birthday Brad! 
Dessert too!

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