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Tenth Stop - Old Station

Old Station, CA was our next resupply destination and it too is simply a bump in the road, although it had three small grocery stores, so we needed to reach Brad and coordinate with him as to which store we'd left his box.  Fortunately, both his phone, and our phone, had reception so we were able to let him know.  Old Station is only slightly larger than Belden* with 51 residents.  But, it was also more welcoming.

Ed and I were headed north for Crater Lake and then some bike riding in the Eugene area so we just kept going.  We'd made our last angel stash at Belden.  We were not in homing pigeon mode yet, but  home was in our sights.  We were also feeling sad to be leaving Brad and the PCT behind.  

Grocery Store where we left Brad's resupply box

* Belden 22 residents

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