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Colac Bay

Yesterday Brad was at Colac Bay, reputed to be the surf capital of New Zealand.  The south coast of New Zealand's South Island is quite the playground for camping, surfing, fishing, diving, and hiking.

Arnaud Zdzlobeck

Brad Hankins (dbbrad)

Charllie Barran

Arnaud, Charlie, Brad, Te Araroa Trail, 4/12
Colac Bay

Today Brad, Arnaud and Charlie will arrive in Invercargill, before heading out for the final tramp to Bluff.  The remainder of the trail is all road and beach walking and, perhaps anticlimatic, but hopefully not, the finish line.  The final Te Araroa section is from Invercargill to Bluff.  An easy one day tramp called the Estuary Walkway.



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