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Cup and Pup!

When Brad's at home on Grace Lane he observes  the Cup and Pup ritual unfolding each morning.   When, no matter what,
  •  the weather -- rain, sun, wind, cold, hot, snow or ice
  •  the season -- spring, summer, winter or fall 
  •  the outfit -- many layered, sloppy, wrinkled, worn, borrowed, torn, chic or shabby
wander-in-the-garden takes place.

This ritual started many years ago (first with Roshi Pup and then Annie Pup), and is still going strong as the first activity of each morning with the Benton Pup.  As soon as the coffee is brewed, Benton and Fran head for the garden.   There we wander and wag until the pot's empty.

So, dear Brad, join us for a vicarious pup and cup wander-in-the-garden as we join you for a vicarious tramp-on-the-Te Araroa Trail.

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