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Routeburn Track

The next leg is Routeburn Track.  Just the stuff Brad loves, with high alpine meadows;  steep, rugged mountains; challenging tracks; beautiful vistas; and clear, clean streams, lakes and falls.   A meadow is the location of a rare triple continental divide surrounded by the peaks of Mt. Aspiring, with three valleys, the Hollyford draining west into the Tasman Sea, the Eglinton draining south into the Southern Ocean, and the Greenstone draining into the Pacific.

Mt. Aspiring
Photo by Craig Potton

Brad was in Queenstown yesterday, catching a bus early this morning to start the Routeburn Track.  He needs to be at Lake Manapouri on April 9 to begin his Doubtful Sound trip.  And, then, he's off to Bluff, marking the end of the Te Araroa Trail.  From Manapouri he will be tramping the Southland, and last section of the Te Araroa Trail, with only about 100 miles to go before reaching the southern terminus at Sterling Point, Bluff.  It's difficult to believe he's almost completed this journey, this adventure, this trail from one end of New Zealand to the other.  From Cape Reinga in the north to Bluff in the south, over 3000km, step-by-beautiful-step. 

Signpost in Sterling point Bluff, South island of New Zealand Stock Photo - 8902483
Sterling Point Signpost, South Island, NZ.

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