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Today is the Day -- The Finish Line!

Six trampers, Richard, Arnaud, Charlie, Ludo, Flore and Brad, have tramped together, tramped alone,  and tramped in mixed sets for the last five months from the north tip of New Zealand to the southern most tip.  All along the  Te Araroa Trail they have shared blisters, huts, food, pain, laughter, joy, beauty, exhaustion, and wet feet.  Coincidentally, and with luck and excitement,  they all met up at the same hostel yesterday.   Today they will finish the trail together as they tramp into Bluff.  The NZ press  and TV have heard about their "hand-in-hand" finish and will be here for interviews.  2012 is the first year the trail has been officially opened.

This proud mom has tears.

Richard & Brad

Arnaud, Charlie & Brad

Ludo, Flore & Brad

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