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Brad's on Our Mind!

As Brad hikes, his family provides at-home-backup-support. We're lined up to tend to the details remaining after Brad's departure, but happily. The New Zealand trip is such a fabulous opportunity, we are pitching in to help with enthusiasm.

A temporary room built of straw for Brad's use, was dismantled today. Here Ed and Barry work to take out a window and remove support boards, all with the help of Sir Benton Cowboy. Benton has decided he loves jumping up on the straw bales and watching the activity. The straw is all sold, with about 30 bales waiting for pickup -- tomorrow we hope.

Ed, Barry and Benton

Barry and Ed

It was wonderful having Brad coming and going from Grace Lane for the past year. Now it's wonderful to see the barn return to it's original look -- open and majestic. But it's even more wonderful to be vicariously enjoying Brad's adventure of a life time.

Many tasks have resulted in several days of working with Barry, with Ed and Barry being quite the lifting, loading and rip-it-down team. I provide brownies, soup, and sandwiches. We come together with Brad as our focus, our glue, if you well, and enjoy our time together.

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