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The Empress Hotel

Numerous businesses sponsored theme Christmas trees with tree after tree lining the hallways of the Empress Hotel. This construction tree, with machines and hardhats, was sponsored by an equipment company. I needed to jump right in and ham it up in honor of Brad's love of big equipment. The hallways were crowded with people -- parents, children, couples, old and young -- viewing the trees. It was like an Italian promenade throughout the entire hotel.

The Empress lobby had this huge beautiful Christmas tree set up center stage in the lobby, providing a lovely back drop for a picture of Fred and Sharon.

The Empress lobby tree with a small sampling of companion display theme trees on the upper level.

The Empress! What a beautiful old building in remarkably good shape. We had never stayed at the Empress Hotel before but were glad we did and loved our stay there. The low hum of this huge old building was like the heart beat of a big gentle beast. A friendly beast with a kind mother's heart emitting low contented murmurings that soothed her visitors throughout the night.

It was delightful to stay at the Empress, in the hub of Victoria, during our short one-night stay. The Empress was a wise suggestion of Fred. Thanks Fred!

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