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Tutukaka Coast

Brad is presently hiking on the Whangarei trail section on New Zealand's North Island. His hiking has taken him to Whananaki, Tutukaka and Ngungaru, and, I must admit, I'm a little confused about the relationships, and when he's been where and when, but they're all on theTutukaka Coast which consists of beaches, tropical forests, and, for him, a good deal of rain, but all beautiful.

The ways NZ makes trekking pleasurable are, for example, this fabulous foot bridge between Whananaki north and south and a typical NZ solution to climbing over a fence.

Longest in southern Hemisphere

Fence Stile

Hiking in the rain and hopefully, singing in the rain

December 6 - Brad and I were able to e-mail and even set outselves up to chat today. Technology pulls me along, sometimes kicking and screaming, but along I come. Mostly because Brad pushes, pulls and cajoles me into new territory, which I resist, but love.

Water is one of Brad's current challenges, and not just rain. He needs to cross bodies of water often and has rented a kayak in one instant but in other instances the guide books say get to the water early and catch a ride with a fisherman. He's tried that, but unsuccesfully so it's regroup time. When we were in contact the problem had not yet been resolved. It was 3:00 and he was headed out to dinner, a two hour hike, and then hopefully a boat hitch the next morning.

The things that make a mother's heart go ping.

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