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Trail Head: The Trek Begins

Brad spent three days in Auckland applying for a Visa, purchasing food, a map-loaded GPS, and other last minute items for his Te Araroa Trail adventure. Plus he needed time to adjust and to get oriented after a very sudden, and emotionally draining, decision to travel to New Zealand. He spent a wild two-weeks in a preparation swirl, a swirl involving his parents as we all helped do what we could. "Getting ready" was complex and included selling some assets to finance the trip; eliminating or preparing for the storage of his possessions; relocating major portions of his business materials; and preparing his pack to be both light but complete for his hiking/living needs for five months.

Once he managed his Auckland tasks he headed by bus, by hitch and by foot up the island to Cape Reinga. While he was in Auckland, and the first night on his journey up North Island, he was able to stay in touch on e-mail. Once he reached the trail head, he would be out of contact, and on his own in all ways on an adventure of a life time.

Cape Reinga, New Zealand

Map of the Te Araroa Trail

Brad is walking from tip-to-tip from the northern most point to the southern tip of this beautiful country, New Zealand. With job prospects minimal here at home, and a soul searching adventure needed, Brad threw the tried and not-so-true to the wind and took off. He makes us proud that he could understand his need for a major change in his life and make this huge commitment to reinventing himself.

As his mom I totally support this adventure and will travel vicariously by his side. What's especially wonderfull is his Dad, Barry; Barry's wife Susan; Ed, Fran's husband; and Greg, our life long friend all support this adventure and carry Brad along his journey in our minds and in our hearts.

Happy trekking dear Brad! Bon voyage!

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