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Big Bear Country

Googling Big Bear in California you find a  Big Bear City, unincorporated, and the city of Big Bear Lake, incorporated, but not to be confused with the lake called Big Bear Lake.   Brad was at  the city of Big Bear Lake yesterday.  At the time I spoke with him  he was uncertain whether he was taking a morning of rest, day of rest, or moving on right away.  Another call this morning disclosed that he took a zero day yesterday and is headed out this morning.  He will  be out of touch for about four days, as he heads into Silverwood Lake State Recreation Area and Sheep Mountain Wilderness with a stop in the town of Wrightwood, 66 miles northwest (but mostly west) as the crow flies (where a letter awaits him).
Grizzly Bear
Black Bear
With the name Big Bear I got curious about the animals, specifically bears, in that region.  So, once again, I turned to my trusty oracle for information.  I find that the name came from the Grizzly Bears of the 1800's that roamed that area.  There are no wild Grizzly Bears left and can now only be found at the Moonridge Animal Park in Big Bear Lake.  Replacing the Grizzly is the introduced Black Bear.
Sheep Mountain Wilderness
Photo by Michael E. Gordon
Silverwood Lake SRA © Shara Rogers
Silverwood Lake
Photo by Shara Rogers

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