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The Quick Swirl!

Dining outside at the Langley Village Pizzeria
As Ed and I sat enjoying our Village Pizzeria salad last evening, a quick swirl of wild wind and rain came up driving the outside diners inside, while the servers dived for the umbrellas that were  about ready to launch themselves; throwing branches hither and yon;  and kicking up quite the wild weather of white water and flying debris.  It was such a quick and unexpected little swirl that the folks in town giggled with delight as they ran about on the streets twisting and turning with the wind.  The whole storm lasted only about 10 minutes, but on our one-mile jaunt home we saw this:

Fir down on Camano Avenue

Edgecliff Restaurant tree topples

Redwood breaks off at Lash residence
Photos by Barton Cole
This morning I noticed my neighbor's 15 foot fruit tree tipped over.  All of this in Langley.  Meanwhile, Brad, on the PCT in Big Bear Lake territory in California, is experiencing high winds with projections of snow and night time temperatures in the 20's.  Checking the Big Bear Lake forecast this morning at 7:24 a.m. it was still only 31 degrees, but expected to get into the 60's later in the day.  I hope that new sleeping bag was up to the task of a cold, cold night, and the tarp shelter remained secure.

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