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PCT Mile 375

Brad left Wrightwood, California this morning.  To date, he has hiked 375 miles from Campo and been on the trail for 25 days, for an average of 15 miles per day.  His hiking goal was 20 miles per day but then zero days or partial rest days mess with the average.  Leaving Wrightwood he will enter the   Pleasant View Ridge Wilderness and then Vasquez Rocks Natural Area Park and the town of Aqua Dulce.   Aqua Dulce might be most notable for the films shot at the Vasquez Rocks including Blazing Saddles, Flintstones and the "Arena" episode of Star Trek.  It appears he will be another four or five days on the trail before I hear from him again.

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Vasquez Rocks Natural Area Park

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Pleasant View Ridge Wilderness

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