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Trail Angels

Have you wondered  what exactly a thru-hiker is?  Or what a slack pack, zero day, or Yo Yo is?  I found this site on my search for trail angels, and it answers all questions about trail vocabulary.  But, it's still trail angels that fascinate me, entice me, and almost (not quite, but almost) make me want to move to property right on a trail.  The definition of a trail angel is simple yet enticing:  "A non-hiker who helps a hiker in some way." 

I think when Ed and I meet Brad in Northern California this summer, we'll try to set up our little trailer to be a hikers' soup coupe, or some such.  All will depend on being able to find a suitable stop, close to the trail.  But, not knowing in advance where we'll be, because we won't know Brad's location until the last week or two, will present challenges.  At the very least, I think we'll leave cookies and cold drinks along the trail from time-to-time.

Early on, Brad told of a retired couple who purchased property right on the PCT Trail so they could be trail angels.  He reported that Big Bear and Ziggy are indeed angels extraordinaire.  Big Bear and Ziggy maintain their home as the Whitewater Trail House .  They have been angels before and post this message on their website:

Stop by for a zero day or hour, its all good with us.  We have hosted hundreds of hikers at our previous location in Anza, and we look forward to meeting each and every one of you hiking the PCT!!

The Bear and Aaron

Ziggy and Charllie
Some angels wash clothes, give rides to grocery stores or post offices,  provide showers and sometimes even have foot soaking tubs or hot tubs available.  Internet and mail drops are additional services offered by trail angels.  The angels come in all shapes, sizes and ages, offering free gifts to charging small fees or suggesting donations are welcome.

Other trail angels, called roving angels, leave water and cold drinks along the trail when there is a long, hot stretch with no water resupply options.   They might also leave food, clothing or first aid supplies when they deem it necessary.   Pretty anonymously they help the hikers.   Angels!  Indeed angels!

Life Saving Water Cache in the  Desert

Helpful Signage
Cold Drink Cache

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