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The Pine Forests of Idyllwild

Brad hooked up with five other thru-hikers somewhere between Campo and Idyllwild so when we talked yesterday from the trail, he was pleased to be sharing the good companionship of fellow hikers.  In Idyllwild they went out for lunch, rinsed off the dust, resupplied, rested, gathered again for dinner and were set to depart early on the 19th.  Unfortunately, the departure was delayed due to a leak in Brad's water pouch.  With feelings of  gratitude on Brad's part and great patience on his friends' part, they waited for him to get it fixed.    Big Bear is the next destination to be reached in approximately five days.

Idyllwild, as reported by Brad, was a very welcoming community.  The residents were ready to help the hikers, including picking them up if they were hitching.  The businesses were sensitive to their needs and provided for them in every way they could.  There were about 20+ hikers in Idyllwild when Brad was in town.  It was humming with thru-hiker endorphins.

Idyllwild, CA
PCT Trail approaching Idyllwild

Can you spot the hikers?

After the hot, rattlesnake-ridden, cactus-blooming PCT desert trail, Brad found wonderful, cold, beautiful snow in a pine forest near Idyllwild.    

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