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The Fun Facts of the PCT!

dbBrad in 1211 did much of the Washington PCT with his much-loved pup, Sir Benton Cowboy.

Cutest Aussie Even
The Seiad Valley Cafe in Seiad Valley, California, right on the PCT, challenges thru-hikers to eat 5 one-pound pancakes in under two hours.  If they can do it, the pancakes are free.

Seiad Cafe

Seiad Valley Cafe pancakes

 The triple crown winner, Brian Robinson, completed the Pacific Crest Trail, the Appalachian Trail and the Continental Divide Trail for a total of 7000 miles in one year.

Brian Robinson
In 1970, Eric Ryback, a 17-year-old student, won acclaim as the first PCT thru-hiker.  He published a book in 1971, The High Adventure of Eric Cyback:  Canada to Mexico on Foot.  Ryback carried an 80 pound pack, with only five resupply packages on the entire trip.   

Eric Ryback

Susie Burns and her father Frank McCubbins (72) did a first on the Oregon PCT using four different pack animals:  goats, Bactrain camel, llamas and mules.  Their favorites were the goats.

Richie - Goat Peak
Pack Goat
Pack Llama
Pack Bactrian camel

Pack Mules

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