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NW Rain

As I think of Brad, hiking the PCT in the hot, dry, hang-onto-your-water-supply, Southern California landscape, here in the NW it is raining, and will be raining, according to all forecasts, for the next week.  Although the sun and blue sky-beauty of the past 10 days has been wonderful, so is the rain.  The garden is, suddenly, perky again, the soil has returned to that dark, wet-looking, deep brown color.  The plant foliage once again has that lush wet look -- the usual look of a NW spring is back.

Fredley Creek from the Bridge

Fredley Pond from the Bridge

Fredley Pond and Fish from the Bridge

Fredley Garden from the Bridge

Fredley Vegetable Garden from the Covered Patio

This evening we had BBQ chicken for dinner, with corn on the cob (probably from California) and a huge green salad from the garden (topped off with an avocado and walnuts, also, probably from California).  We ate, all the while missing Brad, as we watched the rain fall.  My dinner grateful, a tradition of many years, was for the rain.  It is lovely!

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